University of Lübeck

The University of Lübeck, privately funded University since 2015, is a modern focus University in the field of Medicine, Computer Science/Technology, Natural Sciences and Life Sciences.  Research and teaching at the University of Lübeck have developed from medicine but today are complemented by a series of future oriented disciplines. The particular profile of the University is reflected in its leitmotif: "Focus on Life".


Photo: University of Lübeck

The University, founded as Medical Academy of Lübeck in 1964, offers the courses of Human Medicine, Computer Science, Molecular Life Science, Mathematics in Medicine and Life Sciences, Medical Engineering Science, Infection Biology, Psychology, Media Informatics, Medical Informatics and Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies. The masters programme of Biomedical Engineering is implemented jointly with the University of Lübeck.
The ubiquitous, intensive interdisciplinary exchange at the University is the engine for high-performance, internationally outstanding, innovative and knowledge-oriented basic research with application-oriented diversity. In order to improve steadily the quality of research and teaching and master the challenges and chances of the worldwide competition, the University cooperates closely with research institutes and enterprises: nationally and internationally.

Internationally renowned research and the high quality of the academic teaching mark the profile of the University of Lübeck. Our systematically and didactically well-structured, varied, research-oriented teaching builds the fundament for one of the best valued universities in the German-speaking area. Medicine reached the 1st place in the CHED Ranking, Comput-er Science and Molecular Life Science are to be found in the 2nd place.
Characteristic for the Lübeck place is also the intensive transfer of knowledge and technology. With the title “founder University”, the University of Lübeck belongs in this regard to the five best universities nationwide. The optimal applicability of the research results in the industry is ensured through close cooperation with regionally located and internationally ac-tive enterprises that are specialized in this area.
With a culturally and sporty varied offer, the University enriches life outside of the laboratories and lecture halls. The University is diversely integrated in the cultural life of the city and contributes decisively with the Association of the BioMedTec Scientific Campus of Lübeck, initiated by it, for its reputation as scientific city and as medicine and medicine technology location.