The University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is a medium-sized German university with around 20,000 students. For its committed and talented students, Bremen offers a wide range of subjects: More than 100 masters programs and bachelor programs, as well as the state law exam. And with research-based learning, the University has reinterpreted project studies, a defining feature originating from when it was founded. In the natural sciences, engineering, the social sciences and the humanities as well as in teacher training, we have a long established tradition in interdisciplinary cooperation and excellent research. In 2012, the University’s Institutional Strategy “Ambitious and Agile” led to it being awarded with the title of “University of Excellence”, one of only eleven universities in Germany.

Photo: University of Bremen / Michael Ihle
Photo: University of Bremen / Matej Meza

University of Research-based Learning

The University of Bremen has stood for the close connection between research and teaching ever since its foundation. Research-based learning is at the center of our teaching profile. Active and research-oriented occupation with knowledge content contributes to the development of students’ perceptive skills, and at the same time qualifies them for the constantly changing requirements in the working world.

Internationally Shaped

For us, internationality is a matter close to our hearts, as a result, internationalization impacts on all areas of the University. As an international university, we reach out to people from the more than 100 nations who live, study and work on our campus. They enrich our teaching and research and contribute to our success.