2nd Evaluation Cycle (2004-2009)

The Association of North German Universities has developed a new process design on the basis of a meta-evaluation that founded the so-called 2nd evaluation cycle that has been started in the summer semester of 2004.

In order to take into account the requirements of the Bologna process and further University policy developments, the learning outcomes and the quality management at the universities were defined as new focuses of the evaluation process.

The focus "learning outcomes" included here an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses with regard to the counseling and care services of the curricular structure and the issue of the definition of the academic success. The qualitative and quantitative goals for the area of studies and teaching should be formalized here.

In the frame of quality management it is valid to examine the QM System on a subject or institute level. Here, the question was pursued explicitly whether the faculty fulfills the requirements for a systematic quality management and in which areas development potentials could be located. Furthermore, the faculties and institutes get the possibility to bring their current projects in the evaluation into a third focus, "Innovative and cur-rent developments”. In addition, the implementation of the results shifted stronger in the focus by means of explicit target agreements.

The changed line-up of the advisory body also resulted from this new focus catalogue with the beginning of the second cycle that was extended by least one expert for organization development in the university sector.

The new procedure design foresaw that before the beginning of an evaluation procedure an agreement was met between University management and faculty or Institute to which the goals and implementation of the projects and the participation rights and duties of all participants adhered. This agreement included particularly the conclusions from the procedure results (target agreement, catalogue of measures, controllability and review date). A change for the first cycle was also the statement of the University management for self-description of the respective subject.


The following subjects were evaluated in the 2nd Cycle:

  • Biology (2004/2005)
  • German studies (2004/2005)
  • Human medicine (2005/2006)
  • Pharmacy (2005/2006)
  • Legal sciences (2008/2009)