“Studyability” Project

Model project for safeguarding the studyability through quality management

Thereby, in 2009, the Association of North German Universities began to conceive an innovative model project for safeguarding the studyability through quality management in studies and teaching. The implementation took place in several stages from 2010 to 2014 whereas the issue of studyability has been pursued in up to three courses of study per University. On the basis of different criteria, for example study organization, workload, appropriate modu-larization or adequate exam organization, in-depth knowledge for the issue of studyability of study programs should be gained. The goal of the project was to gain knowledge through collegial exchange in several project steps for improvement of the studyability of study pro-grams. At the same time, the implementation and further development of the quality assur-ance systems of the University of the North Association should be brought forward with this evaluation procedure that builds upon a self-reflection with subsequent external evaluation.

Thereby, a procedure was tested in this model project that picks up the positive experiences with evaluation procedures in the North Association and matches the current needs of the Universities and the university policy developments

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