The Association of North German Universities is currently working towards the development of an interuniversity procedure to enhance the universities’ internal procedure for quality assurance for teaching and studying.

The multistage interuniversity procedure of quality assurance and enhancement in the areas of teaching and studying - the NordAudit - has the aim of developing the system accreditation and institutional quality audit. It follows these approaches systematically and methodically - does however, pick up on existing accreditation procedures - and extends them by focussing on the immanent demands of the universities. It provides the members of the Association of North German Universities with the opportunity to optimise quality enhancement under the premise of scientific adequacy and university autonomy.

NordAudit’s concept is made up of three elements; only two of which will be tested to start:

In the NordAudit A a small group of experts will evaluate the system of quality assurance and development of one of the member universities with regard to studying and teaching. On top of that, the university will select one or more aspects as focal point(s) for which they would like to receive recommendations.

For NordAudit B, the ‘dies qualitatis’, after receiving the evaluation, the university governance of the university which was evaluated will invite the other member universities to discuss the results and to benefit from the expertise of the colleagues with regard to their own further development and the implementation of the experts’ recommendations.

The plan is to test this procedure - Audit A and Audit B - on two of the Association’s universities and to then apply for the recognition as an interim evaluation as part of the system accreditation from the Accreditation Council. An external advisory board will accompany this pilot phase critically and constructively.

NordAudit A and B can be realised with comparatively low levels of costs.

If the realisation of the procedure is successful, it would be possible in the future to develop a ‘large evaluation’ (NordAudit C) as an alternative to the existing system accreditation and to integrate it into the procedure.

Any questions will be answered by your local Quality Assurance Officer.